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We believe in a future of marketing that is community-driven and decentralized. Our cutting-edge technology and experts will help you start your marketing success.


Our UFOstart flightplan is a marketing AI that develops a marketing plan that is personalized to your needs, effective and executable.

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Our consulting covers various services tailored to your marketing needs. Book the consulting session starter package to find out more.

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MarTech Stack

There are so many MarTech solutions out there and new automations & APIs released daily. The democratization of technology is enabling everyone to use the power of technology to their advantage. We stay up-to-date with relevant tools and help you along your marketing journey.

Blockchain Technology

When it comes to blockchain technology, marketing strategies and techniques are unique. Over the past years we have realized patterns in the go-to market strategy for blockchain projects and we are excited to help you on your marketing journey.

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